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Yancey Consulting (YC) is committed to transformation toward just, equitable and thriving societies. In 2009, the founder and president of Yancey Consulting, Lisa Yancey, decided to focus the company’s work and strategic thought partnership on organizations or projects that directly impact historically disinvested, ineffectively served, or otherwise marginalized communities. In this sense, YC seeks impacts that yield systemic practices that advance collective agency and equity, financial thrivability, leadership development, the amplification of diverse voices/stories, environmental justice, mindfulness, and care.

We believe in interdependency, ecosystem activation, and planning for the generations that will inherit what we leave behind. We also embrace a long view.  We primarily work in creative, justice, and public sectors—bridging links across industries when devising strategies and solutions. Our values are collaboration, relationship-building, trust-building, listening with the intent to understand, and engaging with both rigor and love.

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