Strategic Planning

Strategy is always in service to the vision. YC’s strategic journey begins with clarifying where you are now, where you want to go, who you want to build with along the way, what values you want to guide you, and how you want to be when you arrive.

Eradicating White Supremacy Culture

The concept of white supremacy has been foundational in how most are taught to organize and value people across different races and color spectrums. To unlearn and undo beliefs and habits rooted in supremacy principles requires active commitment, humility, mindfulness tools, diligence, and personal work. We support those ready to do the work. 

Ecosystem Weaving

We are interdependent on others; our work is to bridge across constructed differences. We do so by assessing and mapping the ecology, how the components within that function, and what moves the axes of power. We build bridges by naming and weaving overlapping values and interests.

Research and Evaluations

How will we know whether we are having the impact we seek if we don’t question those directly touched by our efforts? We believe data aggregation and analysis are integral to testing the results of actions, projects, programs, and initiatives. It is a modality for accountability, learning, seeing, feeling, and understanding the effects of our efforts. It is a counterbalance to good intentions.

Dauntless Imagination

Our mission requires dauntless imagination. We endeavor to name perceived barriers and break them open to liberate the imagination. As Mandela said, “It is only impossible until it is done.” What do we want to leave as our legacy and contribution to society and endow to future generations? That’s our work.

Leadership Calibration and Bolstering

We occasionally work with individual leaders with expansive reach and transformative impacts within their leadership positions. For them, we are sounding boards, strategists, advocates for their self-care, and reminders of what makes them extraordinary.

Framework, Curriculum,
and Tools Development

We customize frameworks and tools for client partners as a long-standing component of our practice.

Publishing and Productions

We produce videos, reports, and enchiridions.