Changing Oppressive Systems

Systemic or structural change addresses the interwoven policies, institutions, and governing practices that bind and define the lived experiences in our societies. To cultivate just, equitable, and thriving societies, we must look to the systems and conditions that shape them. In this area, YC works with partners to identify the roots of oppressive systems and create alternative ways of being. This work manifests across departments, partnerships, and power dynamics. 

Mitigating Economic Disparities

Economic viability and thrivability are central to our strategic analysis. Economic viability assesses whether one can reasonably believe—as evidenced by due diligence and stated assurances—that there are sufficient resources (financial, human, and infrastructure based) to sustain the project, initiative, or strategic direction. Thrivability is a step further than economic viability. It is when the conditions required for something to grow and expand are present, accessible, bountiful, and receptive to the thing. When we aim to lessen economic gaps, we research, test, and creatively imagine what is necessary for viability and thrivability. In this area, we look holistically at the receptivity and implications of the proposed idea on the people and environment impacted by the manifestations.

Stewarding Sustainable Environments

The world is constructed of multiple ecosystems that intertwine and help each other flourish. Everything coexists in time and space. And the environment is our milieu with all living beings. We advance environmental sustainability by addressing the structural disparities and injustices in our social and ecological environments. As humble stewards of the earth, we own our responsibility to the land and each other. We strive to operate in alignment with the natural world and look to its guidance for generative principles and design. From our physical to digital environments, we work to ensure our shared spaces are designed for everyone to belong. 

Elevating Visibility and Truths

We work to elevate the genius, joys, ambitions, needs, perspectives, histories, innovations, revelations, and all things true about people and communities maligned and harmed by dominant narratives. Our visibility work amplifies the voices of those silenced and othered by oppressive dominant narratives. Storytelling is a powerful technology. It sustains rituals and traditions, molds values and perspectives, inspires new ideas, and brings vividness to black and white. 

Dominant narratives shape our assumptions, stereotypes, viewpoints, and, ultimately, where power and influence lie. We advance visibility by addressing and diversifying the dominant narrative with the rich array of identities, communities, and stories that the system has intentionally muted.

Bolstering Leaders with Bold Visions

On occasion, we work with individual leaders thinking through how to manifest grand ideas. This work is often interpersonal, work related, and community minded. We support the leadership evolution of those stretching themselves and others to make the world more just. 

We partner with individuals with large spheres of influence––impacting money, policy, social narrative, information accessibility, distribution channels, health, or human vitality. Our work primarily involves being a good listener, thinker, and accountability partner, creating strategic pathways, theory of change analysis, landscape and power mapping, and naming allied and counternarratives. 

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